23 June 2009

5 Highlights of Junior Year

So, another year has gone by, and we're now not jun10rs!!!! Here are the top 5 things that made my year awesomely speshul:

1) PEGGLE - how could I live without Peggle? All those days we played it in CompSci to pass time and to compete against each other to see who was the ultimate Peggle master?

2) ACSL - Getting a perfect on all four monthly contests was not easy. And neither was organizing the All-Stars contest. I had to talk to the housing coordinator in Alabama, buy plane tickets for everyone, and most importantly, do well at the All-Star contest. We had two teams go: an intermediate team and a senior team. My team placed 2nd place, but the intermediate team didn't do as well because our best competitors could not afford the trip :( but anyway, it was a really awesome trip. (and definitely worth skipping junior prom :D)

3) ARML - I got to hang out with my good friend from AwesomeMath the entire Friday :D She took me to a noodle place called Big Bowl Noodle to eat dinner. I met her math team friends and played Monopoly with them. It felt refreshing to hang out with something different. also, we (Mu A) did extraordinarily well (compared to the results from the previous 4 years), placing 11th

4) Class Council Elections - Rushdoony's election was just plain…awesome. I think Team Telecom made him run for the lawlz, not to give Jae Yu some competition. Rushdoony represented rebellion and iconoclasm (hmm, how about "think different"?). To promote his candidacy, Kamran made some posters that were undeniably awesome. Well anyway, despite the Rushdoony uprise, he lost the game.

5) My Awesome Schedule
I somehow did not die after going through nine classes at the end of Mondays -phew- and Wednesdays were awesome; only 3 classes and 5 hours free!!!

Honorable Mention

Lit class - this was perhaps the most enjoyable english class I've ever had; not only was Ms. DK an awesomely awesome teacher, but also fahmid, bryan, jake, lara, and all those people who kept the spirit up regardless of what we're learning.


12 June 2009


Wow, it's my first post! Yay! I'll probably write more comprehensive posts in the future. But for now, this is it.

back to writing cover letters for internships >.<