23 January 2010

Time Flies

Sometimes, things just happen so soon.

0730: Pavel asks me about Holbrook. I told him that he just had the flu and that Mark and I would call him to see how everything was going.

1040: In data structures, I ask Mark if he got any info from Dr. Nevard or Dr. Abramson. They said that everything was fine.

1237: Dr. Mayers' door was locked, so French class didn't start on time. Nevard walks by and enters the room. He talks with Mayers and leaves. Mayers still stays in the room for a bit and finally lets us in at around

1245. He puts on Amelie for us to watch and puts on his jacket and his bag in the meantime.

1315: Amelie finishes. Mayers dismisses class and gets ready to visit Mr. Holbrook at the hospital. Before he leaves, I tell him to tell Holbrook that Mark, I, and the rest of the AAST Math Team were wishing for the best of his health.

1520: I arrive in CompSci Team and ask Nevard about any new developments. I also notified him that Dr. Mayers went to see Holbrook.

1554: Nevard tells me to dismiss CompSci Team early because he had to go to an ``emergency staff meeting.'' I knew this was a bad sign...

1755: I get a call from the school that played this MP3 file.


Once again, rest in peace, Mr. Holbrook.

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