04 September 2010

The Hacking has Commenced

MIT was generous enough to give each student a MingleStick, a USB drive-like device that could store your user info and get other people's information via IR communication. It was pretty frivolous to me, so in true EAsT camPUS (this is the correct capitalization of my dorm's name) fashion, I cracked it open to see the circuits.

Augh, sunglare!

That big microcontroller in the center is a PIC24FJ64, made by Microchip. Since I had not worked with this family of chips before (I mainly used PIC18Fs before I jumped on the Arduino bandwagon), I searched on Google for a datasheet and found one here. The other easily identifiable parts include the male USB type A connector, the IR sensor and emitter, and a switch, power LED, and coin cell battery on the back.