21 March 2011

Apple, Please Fix Your Nvidia Drivers!

So things like this won't happen:
Video corruption while working with Aperture 3 presets on my Late 2010 MacBook Air

While doing some intensive editing, my laptop actually locked up for a full half an hour before I force-rebooted it. I checked the logs only to see the driver acting up (click to see log dump):

Otherwise I'm jumping ship to ATi AMD when I upgrade my Hackintosh! (Linux users: now's the time to scream ``NO YOU WOULDN'T!'')

[EDIT 17 Aug 2011] Seems like Apple has better drivers in Lion and Aperture is no longer locking up my machine anymore!


  1. This has been going on since 2009.

  2. @Karl: From cursory testing I believe that Apple has fixed the issue in Lion 10.7.0 (build 11A511)