05 May 2011

Stuff that's changed in the past $n = 17+2!$ years

What's notable/changed from year N to year 19:
  • N = 18: I became a health freak! I also finally got a Power Mac G5 (and it's liquid cooled!) Dream come true after seven years much? Oh yeah I got into college.
  • N = 17: I learned how to play bridge. I also quit violin cold turkey. I grew out of gaming, although I occasionally play pinball and get the occasional high score.
  • N = 16: I built my first computer =D
  • N = 15: I learned how to program (albeit in AutoIt). I started trolling people.
  • N = 14: I got the world's thinnest dual core laptop, the MacBook Pro 1,1. I also met Steve Jobs in person!
  • N = 13: I used Linux  (albeit Ubuntu)! I also hackintoshed my Dell (and proceeded to get a copyright infringement notice from my ISP for seeding).
  • N = 12: I sold my soul to Steve Jobs. Possibly one of the best decisions ever. I also learned how to play Sudoku from a classroom activity.
  • N = 11: I started cracking my joints and got my first computer. I also was a moron and chose a Dell Dimension 4600C over a Power Mac G5.
  • N = 10: I went to this awesome summer camp in which I did EE and played Super Smash Melee. I think this was when I got my first 1:18 diecast car (a 1998 Guards Red Porsche 911 Carerra).
  • N = 9: I got into cars. Every day at lunch I would draw cars with these two guys who were into supercars. I also bought Hamburger at one of the holiday botique sales in school.
  • N = 8: I immersed myself in Honda lawnmower literature because my family was going to buy a gas-powered mower.
  • N = 7: I got my Nintendo 64 (and I still have it!) I also got a teal GameBoy Color, which I retardedly sold to GameStop for a measly $15.
  • N = 6: I learned how to solve a two-equation two-variable linear system of equations. (this honestly can't be the most interesting thing, can it?)
  • N = 5: I learned how to play violin.
  • N = 4: I learned multiplication.
  • N = 3: I learned addition: the start of my math career.
  • N = 2: I broke my parents' VCR. This was possibly the start of my affinity towards EE/MechE.
  • N = 1: lolwut

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