18 August 2011

2011: Year of the copycats?

Apple said the phrase first back in March this year regarding tablets, but turns out it's true for cars too (who would have guessed?)

Here's the leaked picture of the 2012 Lexus GS:
Photo credit: LeftLaneNews

And here's the F10 5-series:
Photo credit: AutomotiveRoom

Here's a cursory list of similarities:
  • Layout of the vents with respect to the strip of wood. Both cars have the peripheral vents above the wood and the IP stack vents adjacent to the wood.
  • Layout of IP stack: Screen above vents above CD player above climate, with the gear shift to the left of the entertainment controller.

Has Lexus lost its touch of uniqueness? Sure, these cars probably have been in development for several years, but this layout is certainly not the only way to layout a mid-level luxury sedan.

[EDIT] Seems like the original leaked GS interior image has been pulled, but no worries! It has been cached.

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