25 December 2011

IAP To-Do List

Hopefully this won't sprawl into a gigantic list like last year's:
  1. SCOOTER!: I have not a clue about how long this will take. Probably will consume my life, but that's okay.
  2. Work out: I'm hoping to go at least five days a week. 5hr/wk
  3. BattleCode infrastructure: This is actually mandatory, but my health (and scooter) comes first :P ~20hr/wk
  4. Power Mac G5 case mod / Hamburger rebuild: This is going to be EPIC! It's been about four years since my last build, so it's time for an all-out upgrade! I'm going to do a very faithful G5 mod to appease my inner Apple fangirl. I need to order that hex-core engineering sample and buy a few standoffs and screws at some point. 7hr/wk
  5. Power Mac G4 Cube case mod: I've already gutted the unit and dremeled the back to make way for the ports, so all that's left is mounting the motherboard and making a carrier for the second hard disk. 3hr/wk
  6. Holy Balls: The game I've been working on with my bestest friends at MIT <3 4hr/wk
  7. Move to BigRoom: I got a bigger room, so I'll need to move. 'Nuff said.
  8. Mystery hunt: MIT's annual puzzle hunt held on a weekend, starting on Friday.

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