18 February 2012

Lion's Terminator, except not really [updated]

Occasionally I've been getting messages from vim such as:

$ vim imageIO.py
Vim: Caught deadly signal ABRT

Vim: Finished.
Abort trap: 6

I thought that was nothing at first, but when it happened again today, I suddenly remembered that Lion will automatically terminate processes to keep memory usage reasonable while assisting having apps open, a là iOS.

[Update] I looked into Console.app for more details, and voilà!

Application Specific Information:
*** error for object 0x73612e312d347865: pointer being freed was not allocated

Said address looks suspiciously like ASCII as pointed out by superstar John Dong. Translating the little endian pointer to ASCII yields

>>> '\x73\x61\x2e\x31\x2d\x34\x78\x65'

Additional insight is greatly appreciated.

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