29 June 2012


I'm back in the tri-state area for the summer. While it's unfortunate that none of my MIT buddies are remotely close to me, I figured these three months alone were sorely needed to get stuff done.

Or not.

It's too bad that I have more or less only two hours of down time at home every weeknight; transportation is significantly nontrivial compared to last year; I lived half a mile away from the Infinite Loop. Transportation is especially horrendous when the weather is ungodly humid or when the bus is late.

I also miss the shenanigans I'd partake with my MIT buddies. My internship friends are the kind who wouldn't want to be caught dead in a McDonald's, never mind play the Triangular Burger game, in which a group of people line up and, starting with ordering three cheeseburgers, order one more cheeseburger than the person in front. *cough* #richpeople. After two months without McDonald's, I got a little nostalgic for my favorite infant-hood food:

Tower of Hamburger!

For the record, the cheeseburgers from 56th and 8th in NY are considerably drier than the ones from Central Square in Cambridge. They're also 20% more expensive, to my dismay.

On the bright side, work has been pretty fun. My boss has a 5ft remote-controlled flying shark! After only a week I've learned how to drive it really well. I am really tempted to glue an Arduino onto it and make it do something silly, like 8-bit music.

And then of course there are the NYC zoos, which are quite picturesque. I've only been to the Bronx Zoo so far; I'm hoping to go to the other four and practice my photography.

I've also seen some exotics around the city, namely a Mercedes SLS AMG, a Rolls-Royce Phantom, and a Maybach 62S. There's also a ton of fullsize luxury sedans; Audi A8, Mercedes S-class, Lexus LS, and BMW 7 series. It's too bad that one cannot take advantage of the potential of these cars while crawling through streets cluttered by yellow cabs and people.

Now excuse me as I hide from the humidity.


  1. Get someone to drive you around in a fancy car! Practice some social engineering ;)

  2. Funny you say that -- that's exactly what I did last summer! It turns out that the folks at where I work aren't into motorsports. :(