27 October 2012

KawaiiKart Mega Update

Quite a bit of time passed since my last update and quite a byte has changed! (well, maybe not 8x as much, but you get the idea.) KawaiiKart is almost finished designed! Here's the latest model:

The box behind the seat is the 35cc engine. I also have to install the steering assembly at some point and decide what to do with the extra lengths of aluminum on the outer frame of the chassis.

The steering is still a little sketchy (I had to remove some (important) constraints to make Autodesk happy), but it looks fine! I still have to work out how the steering column works; my plane projection for the loft on the steering column is very sketchy. Turns out the angle of the steering column with respect to the chassis is 35 degrees, not 45. No big deal, band saws are my friends.

I also have some design updates. I'm ditching the hubmotors because time to production is way too long compared to using off-the-shelf components. I am willing to manufacture battery packs though; a 16-cell pack isn't very hard.

If you're interested in following my progress, check back every so often; I hope to make lots of progress before the new year! In fact, my BOM is almost done!

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