09 November 2012

Steering: Conquered

I finally fixed the steering on KawaiiKart, which meant securing one of the two remaining degrees of freedom so that the steering column won't wobble while trying to steer. Here's the updated CAD:

I did the entire CAD on my MacBook Pro Core Duo (yes, one of the first MacBook Pros!) 2.0GHz with 2GiB RAM and a now wimpy ATI Mobility X1600 driving a custom 1920x1200 panel. I'm very impressed by how old hardware works. Then again a 100-part assembly isn't very much at all.

In other news, I got a $500 grant from Techfair to partially fund building Kawaii! I estimate the build will run upwards of $1.2k, since waterjet parts are expensive (~$400), but the journey and the end product will be well worth it. Stay tuned!

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