30 November 2019

Codeforces Round #603 (Div. 2) Postmortem

Link to contest.

What went well
  • I got ABCD.
  • Expanding on getting ABCD, I got C and D fairly quickly, at T+36min and T+48min respectively. (Then again, D was not particularly hard, as evidenced by its 1500 rating).
What went wrong
  • I didn't get A until T+1h30 and two wrong tries.
  • I did not upload anything for E because my fastest solution sketches were O(NlogN), which I thought were too slow for N = 1,000,000. Turns out that O(NlogN) and a good constant factor is fine for such large N.
  • I also misread E: I thought that the cursor can be moved to the left of the starting position, but the problem clearly says that it can't.
Where I got lucky
  • Implementing C and D went very smoothly, taking 12min from end (open problem statement) to end (pretests passed).
  • E felt approachable.

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