28 December 2019

COLDforces Round #611 (Div. 3) Postmortem

Link to contest here

What went well
  • The contest was at 9am local time, so I had a good 2.5 hours to wake up.
What went wrong
  • I was ill with a cold (laryngitis?!)
  • My solution to E died to a silent index out of bounds!!! Time to switch to vector<T>::at() instead of vector<T>::operator[]?!
  • I did not think of a working solution for C during the contest, but did so after the contest (and doing the obvious greedy solution worked and was easy to prove correct…) The junk that I submitted managed to pass system tests, but eventually got exposed by the serial hacker, who hacked over 20 C submissions!
Where I got lucky
  • I got my first 1 minute submission!!
  • C was such a massacre that I managed to gain elo despite solving only 3 problems! Back to blue again!

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