04 June 2020

Codeforces Round #647 (Div. 2) Postmortem

What went well
  • Got B in 5 minutes -- straightforward problem.
  • Got C in 5 minutes -- another straightforward problem.
  • Got D in 20 minutes, once I figured out how to read. :-P
  • New personal best!!!
What went poorly
  • Wrote an extremely clumsy solution for A because I decided after a brief tradeoff analysis to match the problem statement as close as possible instead of thinking about a better implementation
  • IlliterateForces strikes again -- misread D, so submitted a solution that solves a similar problem, which cost ~20min and a submission penalty.
  • Couldn't get E.
Where I got lucky
  • Got extremely lucky with B and C. I have been struggling with Bs recently; this B's 5 minute solve time thankfully bucks the trend. My previous fastest C solve time was ~15 minutes.

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