06 August 2009

Math camp: it's over!

Today was the last day, and as usual, we had our weekly contest. We covered combinatorics/probability this week, so I had to write an individual round just on combinatorics (I can't believe I actually did that). Apparently, I lost my ability to write tests that are not so easy but not so hard. It wasn't the greatest test; the questions which I thought were easy turned out to be hard, and the questions which I thought were challenging turned out to be impossible. sucks D: The team round also turned out to be hard. I decided to make the last question a variable-score problem again, just to screw around with them:

How many digits does 101! have? Scoring: If your answer is x and the correct answer is C , then you will receive ceil(25*x/C) points. If x > C, then you will receive 0 points.

So one team decided to cheat the system by writing C as their answer, even though they knew that I expected a numerical answer. I punished them by giving them 0 points. :P They got GGed.

After the contests, the kids had donuts and played mafia while I picked out T-shirts for the team and individual winners. I retrieved five 2008 BCA Math Competition T-shirts for the team winners and the sole limited edition 2003 AAST ARML shirt for the individual winner. Since the individual winner left before lunch, I was able to keep the T-shirt. However, I forgot that a person was added to the winning team for the relay round, so I had to give her the limited edition shirt. Oh well. I already have enough AAST shirts anyway XD

All the camp materials are here.

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