16 August 2009

We're in da newz! Again!

Read le article: http://www.northjersey.com/news/Schools_cash_in_on_costly_trips.html

Think it's suprising? You're not alone.

Read the comments: http://www.northjersey.com/news/Schools_cash_in_on_costly_trips.html?c=y&viewAllComments=true

Yep. Apparently many folks went with the ride until the corruption was noted by some authority. Now they're all bitching about it. Why? They're just wasting their time! Why should anyone (especially the people in question: aloia, our superintendent) listen to or even read these comments?

Because I have too much free time on my hands, I decided to peruse them. They were pretty lawlz to read. And some of them were pretty fail, too. So I felt like doing what this guy did and responded to some comments.
I'd like to see how the trips break down by school. The Bergen Academy spends huge amounts of money only to draw kids in from other counties and pull kids from local schools. They have a 600,000 microscope (two I think). That would be salaries for 10 teachers anywhere else. "Back in the Day" those facilities were used to train kids who were not college bound for good careers - plumbers, electricians, mechanics. Now those programs are watered down so we can finance private school for indian and asian kids who move into our towns from other counties. Just venting. Know I sound a little nuts.
Note the third to last statement. "...asian kids who move into our towns from other counties." LOL. It's too bad that we just want a better education than what is offered at our town high schools. Yes, that poster accused me of going to the academies, but what else could I have done to have gotten a better education and a better learning environment?

Well let's evaluate my options.
  1. Go to Morris County Academies: you call this place an actual school? the class size is less than twenty people by the end of one's senior year. why the hell should i want to go here i want a decent social life in addition to better education? i'm not ditching my friends just to meet 15 other good kids!
  2. Go to Philips Exeter: how could i have gone here if i never heard of it?!
  3. Go to China: uhh, hell no :P
  4. Homeschool: i can has social life?

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