01 April 2010

Long, Overdue Post

On 2 March 2010, BCA was conducting interviews for the rising freshmen, which meant half days for us! As with any Tuesday, Health immediately preceded Physics, but on that day, we were let out a bit late, but not much later. I walked to Physics from the cardio room, went up two flights of stairs, was right outside his door. I turned the door handle $$\frac{\pi}{2}$$ radians and pulled it outward. Unlike what happened on all the other days of physics, the door did not move. Dammit! One of the Galitskiy's quotes instantly came to my mind:

So you see, it's very simple, at 2:26 I will simply shut down the door.

I desperately pulled the door handle and knocked on the door for a few moments longer, but I thought of a better idea. I walked into the physics room next door and asked for the teacher to open the door. The teacher looked at me with a confused look and muttered ``Manny's here today; he's not in his room?'' to himself, but went out to unlock the door for me anyway. By then, a small group of people had gathered around the door and were glad that I had found a way to unlock the door. The people already inside the classroom were laughing that I was able to convince another teacher to unlock the door, and when we got inside, Dr. Galitskiy asked ``Since when did Mr. Liva get involved?'' We took our seats and class started.

Having forgotten to lock the door, Pavel and Sam slip through after a few minutes. Dr. G lectures them for being late and locks the door. Then John comes by, tries to open the door, but Galitskiy lets him in because he's special. He locks the door and proceeds with the lecture.

Finally, after ten minutes, Kamran and Fahmid decide to show up in front of the locked door. Like everyone else, they tried to open the door, and we all jeered at them. Seeing their futile efforts, John decided to unlock the door because he's nice. Galitskiy gave them a really long lecture on how not to be late and made them stand in timeout.



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