05 June 2010

ARML 2010

AN: Because it's getting a bit late and my conscience is telling me to write Battleship, I'll try to make it decently to the point.

Friday was the start to everything. I left two hours later than the school since parents were driving me, but arrived at Penn State only twenty minutes later. I lent my PS/2 to USB converter to Alex Kim so he could use his keyboard to play starcraft, touched base with Dr. Mayers and Dr. Abramson, and then hung out with Jenny Yung for most of the day. We went to the creamery, walked randomly for about a mile, and then ate my quiche after my team meeting. Then I met some of the TJ friends. They're definitely not as nerdy as Pavel or Ian, not as antisocial as Sam, and not as random, brash, or unpredictable as me. I stayed till 22:00 for the song contest. Mark's troupe made a phenomenal showing, but Lehigh out-cheered us with their army of high-pitched girly screams situated in the front row. In any case, everyone who saw our performance should know that the Catalan numbers have the form `one over n plus one two n choose n' and are used for `trees, walks, and cut-up blocks.' Yep, those are partial lyrics from our song, a parody of `I'll make a man out of you' from Mulan. :D Unfortunately two other teams decided to do that, but they failed.  That concludes day one.

Saturday was the day of the competition. The problems were harder this year and mostly everyone did worse than usual. They had nice tricks to them, but I failed to arithmeticize properly. Three people, John Chiarelli, Jongwhan Park, and Michael Tan, received high honors for scoring 7/10. We (AAST A1 or informally Mu A) got ninth, our second best finish in the team's history. Yay :D (We also were first to hand in an answer for the super relay, but failed because Ian, the middleman, explozored. Ah well. :( no candy for us XD) At the end of the day, while everyone was walking to the buses, I spotted Jenny from behind and tackled her :D Yay momentum conversation conservation! Then I went home with parents.

In any case, this was a spectacular finish for Math Team 2009-2010.


  1. Lehigh out-cheered us with their army of high-pitched girly screams situated in the front row.
    LOL. Dude, their song was...>_> not so great. Renjie was covering his ears the entire time. Typical.

  2. rolfcopter (yes, rolfcopter) i wouldn't be surprised...

  3. I'm from Lehigh and I think Catalan and our song were the best. And btw, we had no "cheering army." Catalan rocked, though. It's now stuck in my head. xD Who was that blond boy with the ponytail? His voice was great.

  4. @Bianca:

    the `cheering army' was an exaggeration. when i was there, i didn't recall your folks cheering that loudly o_O whatever, you guys had a good song too.

    the blond boy was Ian Osborn. and thanks, i shall pass on your thanks. (i don't think that made any sense lol)

  5. Thanks, Cherry. Actually, our leader composed our song out of like 4 different types of songs(Indiana Jones, Jaws, ET, and something I can't recall). That's why the tall actor, Ben, was acting scenes from those movies.