30 June 2013

The Capital of Algorithmic Trading

Welcome to Chicago!

Some observations:
  • It's got the best features of New York City, Boston, and San Francisco: a quick and functional public transportation system, manageable population, and cleanliness!
  • There's a surprising number of Porsches. I counted seven Porsches (about half were 911s) while wandering the streets for most of Saturday.
  • There's not as many Old Man Cars (7/LS/A8/S/XJ) as in New York City. I however did see a Rolls Royce Phantom en route to the airport.
  • The Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L lens is amazing. If I could only have one camera and lens, hands down I would use my 5D II with this lens.
Enough prose; what's a blog post without photos? Enjoy!

Night scene from the 58th floor. Underexposed by 2/3 stop.

No city is complete without a Trump Tower.


Crazy concert stadium in the Millennium Park.

Under the bean.



Navy Pier.

City from Navy Pier.

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