29 December 2009

A Hiatus! [Part 2]


Today's plan was to visit MIT campus and dorms. We parked in front of 77 Mass Ave and walked in a random direction and eventually encountered East Campus! The buildings look OK and there's a nice spot of grass in the middle to lie down and do hw or stuffs (when the weather is nice, of course). From there, I chose another direction and we found the back of Stata center! It looks just as weird as the front does. We discreetly slip through the back and my parents found a nice place to sit while I wandered around and looked at all the cool posters of DARPA Challenge and super old school LISP machines. 

Then we walked back to the car and drove to Micro Center. Apparently it's only a five minute drive from MIT (it's near Harvard) :) After visiting it, my parents took me to Random House. It's located in the worst possible location; there's a gas station right next to it and a really narrow and dirty alley in the back. >_< There is no way in hell I'm living in that. (sorry Hamster)

Now that we were finally done touring MIT (it was about 1500), my dad decided to take us to this ``really good'' Chinese restaurant for lunch. However, we didn't find decently priced parking within an hour, so we left. We ended up eating at an awesome American restaurant near our house. Swiss burgers are so delicious :D


After finally figuring out how to work the pressure-powered stapler that we borrowed from a family friend, my parents finished setting up all the chair rails. We then went to Minado for lunch, where I stuffed myself with lots of sushi @_@ We then went to Home Depot to buy tiles for our kitchen and molding for the guest bathroom. However, there wasn't enough of the tile design that we wanted at that Home Depot, so my dad dropped us off at home and went to three other stores. Then I chilled for the rest of the night.


We planned to leave sometime this afternoon, so the morning was just chill time. I did some evil sudokus (only 17 numbers :O) and calculus! However, the upstairs heater decided to fail as we were leaving and my mom insisted on getting it fixed before we leave, so my dad got a mechanic to diagnose the problem. After he left, it was about 1900, and my parents decided that it wasn't too late to leave, so we started packing up and departed at 2000. We got home at 2330 and I immediately began installing my SSD! Everything (installing drive and OS) took about an hour. The best thing was that IT WORKED AND MY COMPUTER IS BLAZING FAST BEYOND BELIEF :D


  1. I still don't see what's wrong with having a gas station next to your dorm...it's called convenience (you know, for when you want to uhh...light stuff on fire?)

  2. XDDDDDDD yeah i've been in random a few times...bleh. xDDDDD

    -__________- chinese food > american food

    lol you would do sudoku
    wtf calculus?

    and lol i had to install the computer i'm using right now >.<; since my water one is dead xD

    and damn my comp is slow =[

    also XD @ hamrick's comment. lighting things on fire is pretty pro

  3. you can take your chinese food and go home.

    thank you =]