20 December 2009


Oh hello.

Guess what?

 for mwa =D

and five of my friends, who all happened to have made one olympiad or another. Let's see:

me - USACO Gold
Kamran - USACO Gold
Mark - USAMO x2, Red Mop
Sam - USAMO x3, Red Mop, USACO Gold, USAICO (camp)

…and for reference:
Brian Hamrick - USAMO x3, USAMO Honorable Mention x2, Red Mop, Blue Mop, Black Mop, USAPhO x2, NACLO x2, USACO Gold, USAICO x2, IOI x2

Wow. That's a lot of olympiads. But olympiads aren't everything. Let's see what else we have:

me - Math Team [deputy] captain, Compsci Team Founder, only high school female in USACO Gold this year, ACSL stuff, bridge stuff
Kamran - ACSL stuff, $40/hr job (i honestly don't know what else he does >_>)
Pavel - works on lots of open source software projects, chem research, psych research
Ian - quizbowl, chem research, student council
Mark - Math Team captain, psych research

Also, all of us happened to be on either the school's 2009 ACSL flagship team or the winning 2008 iTest team, Purchase Cellophane (Mark-sempai named it xD)

me - ACSL, Purchase Cellophane
Kamran - ACSL
Pavel - Purchase Cellophane
Ian - Purchase Cellophane
Mark - Purchase Cellophane
Sam - ACSL, Purchase Cellophane

[Aside: If you need extra practice in set theory, solve the following questions. Otherwise, skip this block of italics.]
1. latex
2. latex
3. latex
4. latex

Also x2: Everyone but me had 1500+ SAT (CR+M) [lol i'm a fail, but it's okay]. (that also proves that SATs AREN'T EVERYTHING. ASIAN PARENTS TAKE NOTE!) Everyone had triple 800 in SAT II's: Math 2, Physics, and Chemistry.

So yeah. None of the people who didn't make any olympiad were deferred, and one physics olympiad semifinalist was rejected (though he didn't have such a great GPA). Who knows what Admissions was thinking? Hmm.

Anyway Mr. Holbrook was super pleased with our results, since all of us were on math team. Yes, this is going to be massive bragging fodder for him, but oh well! We need to motivate the [failing] froshies to get better somehow. (cues propaganda "IF YOU'RE NOT ON MATH TEAM [*cough* Mu A or Mu B], YOU HAVE NO CHANCE OF GETTING INTO MIT! ALSO, SATs AREN'T EVERYTHING SO DO MORE MATH EVERY DAY!") [A/N: this only holds this year] Maybe more people [girls] will come to me to train. It'd be nice to have a successor follow the same footsteps as I did. =]

I hope this has been a somewhat informative post for those of you underclassmen who want advice for getting into MIT and other top colleges. I'll probably post more about stuffs that I did in the near future. Stay tuned! =]

(title comes from http://thedailywtf.com/Articles/Successed!.aspx)

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