28 December 2009

A Hiatus! [Part 1]

This blog post is going to detail my vacation so far! For the past [approximately] four days, I've been hanging around in my Massachusetts residence. It's a nice getaway from freezing NJ weather.

The plan was for my mom and I to take the bus from NYC after she got off from work. Luckily, we didn't have to bring too much stuff, just our backpacks and other small things. However, my dad wanted me to bring my MIT cylinder after I told him the mailman had dropped it on the porch. So now we had to bring two backpacks and a tube. Yay.

On Thursday, my mom brought me to her work place. Upon seeing the tube, my mom's colleagues were jealous. So one of them decided to go to lunch with us (probably to ask me about getting into college some more. @_@) Anyway, it was decided that we eat at a Japanese restaurant, since both her daughter (a high school frosh) and I liked sushi. We walked in a direction and spot Japanese restaurants across form each other! Our moms were unable to break the tie, but I spotted a Five Guys and just started walking in that direction and everyone followed. However, there was no sushi in the restaurant that I picked T_T Anyway, we talked more about college. I basically just told her that the key to success is pursuing a subject that you truly enjoy (and be good at it). Then my mom and I headed for the bus and left at around 1500.

We arrived at the South Station at 2000. Upon seeing my tube, my dad got a bit excited and opened it at the food court at the train station. Hungry from the bus ride, my mom and I went to the food court to grab a bite. When we got home, I decided to check the shipping status of my SSD (solid state drive for people who don't follow technology). Amazon had reported two ship dates, 12/24 and 12/31. Being a slight pessimist, I thought that it was going to come on the 31st, so I left my bricked computer at home. [Un]fortunately, it had already arrived :O So...it was good that I got my Christmas present in time, but I couldn't use it. T_T


It's Christmas day! We had nothing much planned, except for a party at a family friend's. I thought that was going to be somewhat boring since I haven't talked to her in a long time, but it turned out to be fun ^_^ I got to play Wii and tractor!! The funniest part was inadvertently convincing her five-year-old brother that their dog was ``dirty.'' (Well he asked me why I was using the bathroom, and I replied that I was going to wash my hands because the dog made them ``dirty.'' So for the rest of the night, he stayed away from the dog as far as possible.) Her family also gave me a really nice and unexpected present (Bose in-ear headphones). =]


It's the day after Christmas! Again, we didn't have much planned for the day. Parents decided to keep furnishing the house, so we went to Lowe's to look for tiles and other stuff. On the way, I convinced them to stop at the outlet mall to see the...Apple store! (cue the eye-rolling)

On the way back, we decided to get some takeout General Tso's Chicken from the local Chinese restaurant. Their General Tso's is quite a bit different from others in that it's crispy! So the plan was for my dad and I to walk back to the house (approx. 1 mi) and my mom to drive back once the takeout was ready. Unfortunately, even with a 10 min head start, my mom passed us and got home first. Oh well, at least I got my daily dose of exercise XD

To be continued...

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  1. wait..MA is colder than NJ? >_>
    also lol ... i love five guys too, but i can't believe you don't like asian food >.< except i guess sushi

    man my xmas is sucking >:[
    massively >:[