16 July 2010

Jet Lag

causes in an interesting sleep schedule.

Tuesday, 1 am: Get back from airport, finally. Slept at 2am, woke up at 11am. Awesome.
Traveled to MA later that day and slept for half an hour in the car. Something like that.
Wednesday morning: Sleep at 12am, wake up at 5-ish am. Lay in bed for maybe an hour?
Later that day, I fell asleep at 2pm on the couch while reading a book on stock options and differential equations. Woke up at 6pm when Dad got back. Missed chance to cook dinner. Oops.
Slept on Thursday morning at 12am. Woke up around 5-ish am. Again. Napped in the afternoon from 4-8. 
Decided to sleep earlier, at 11pm, and woke up at 6am. Progress? What will happen next…

This doesn't seem to deviate from normal that much (if you can call it normal); I slept well the first night at Beijing (9pm to 7am), but the next few days from 11am to 6am and a decent nap later in the day.