24 September 2011

MiniHack: Shelf G5

So how did that get up there?!

A much larger scale and more public hack

21 September 2011

UPS Shipping Fail?

I really doubt this is the most efficient routing path; maybe there's a bug in USPS/UPS's package router?

The reason that I needed a second graphics card to drive my triple monitor setup

19 September 2011

New [School] Year, New Setup

I had these nice IPS screens laying around, so why not use them? (Please don't remind me of my lack of mini DisplayPort -> * adapters [1])

Triple displays driven off a...Power Mac G4 [2]?!

 I ought to do ``real work'' instead of reading random papers...

[1] Over the summer, I acquired a Biostar Radeon HD 6870, which did not come with any mini DisplayPort adapters. Last week, I ordered a handful adapters, but they have yet to arrive despite the 3-4 day shipping. I longed for the setup ever since leaving Apple (where I had a dual 27" + 21" setup -- a glorious six megapixel arrangement), so initially I tried using my crufted Matrox DualHead2Go Digital, but that didn't work because the highest analog resolution the 6870 supported over DVI was 2048x1536, which was a few pixels short from the requisite 2560x1024. I then asked a friend for a PCIe x1 card since my mATX motherboard had a free and unobstructed x1 slot, and lo and behold, I am running a Nvidia Quadro NVS 290 to drive the Dell U2211H and the Radeon to drive the Apple Studio Displays (which, by the way, the one on the right is my personal hacked monitor -- shameless plug for myself).

[2] I ought to write up my Power Mac G4 case mod someday. Maybe on Wednesday, which is a student holiday for me!

[EDIT 20 Sep 2011] Yes, I'm running Windows. No, I don't have the time to fix my Linux partition and pray for both Nvidia and ATi drivers to work together peacefully. Nor do I have time to hackintosh. Any more questions?

01 September 2011

Attention To Detail: Apple Photographer Screws Up

For a company that prides its unrelenting attention to detail, why is Eddy Cue positioned in the opposite direction?
(Eddy's shoulders are pointed from the bottom left to the top right, whereas everyone else's shoulders are either neutral or pointed from the bottom right to the top left.)

I can forgive Jony Ive for not smiling: he probably was upset that the camera was poorly designed.