30 July 2012

Safari 6 View Source

To my surprise (not a good one, either), Safari 6 has done away with View Source in its vanilla state. I was shocked and disappointed when I was trying to view the source of a test page:

On the bright side, it's buried in the Develop menu in the snazzy console:

But yay, syntax highlighting!

26 July 2012

Two small lemmas

Two friends kindly pointed out to me that I will have power issues next year at MIT. Since most dorm rooms have one circuit (good for about 2kW), I can at most run two out of the following three items simultaneously: {computer, refrigerator, air conditioning}.

A friend suggested that I schedule all rendering and compute jobs late at night since the power grid will not be as hosed and to automate the modulation of my fridge/AC usage during the day. I also won't be helping the situation with a near-imminent upgrade to dual Nvidia GTX 580s, either.

15 July 2012

SR-2 Adventures, Part III

I recently ordered a third power supply (don't worry, I'm not modding this one!) for my hackintosh. It's a server grade unit rated at 1200W made by PC Power & Cooling, which should be sufficient for further upgrades, such as dual Nvidia GTX 580s (for raytracing, of course). At first, 1200W seems gluttonous, but we note that overclocked processors can consume up to 200W, since power is approximately proportional to clock speed squared.

Now onto the fun part: overclocking! Recall that this system uses two Intel Xeon X5650-like [1] chips sourced from eBay. To get up to 4GHz, we use the following voltages:
  • Disable Vdroop
  • Set Vcore to 1.35
  • Set Vtt to 1.35
  • Set DIMM to 1.65
  • V_IOH to 1.40
Then in the signal tweaks menu:
  • Set QPI0 to -86
  • Set QPI1 to -16
Then jiggle the settings in the CPU menu:
  • Enable Speedstep
  • Enable Turbo
  • Disable C-state
Note that enabling Turbo will get you a 21x multiplier, or so people say. Finally set BCLK to 191 and voilĂ , a 4GHz 12-core monster! Sadly OS X does not notice the turbo multiplier at 21x, so it won't show 4GHz in System Profiler. In any case, here's a screenshot of the system at 191x21:


Mac App Store can't verify computer

This one is annoying. I haven't bothered to fix the issue for this hackintosh (I did it for my single processor computer), but the solution involves deleting the network interfaces file, rebooting, and readding the interfaces in System Preferences. I will update this section once I fix the issue.

Flaky PS2-USB adapter

For BCLKs @ 195 and 200 I noticed that my keyboard would work for about 10 seconds after being plugged in and then it would stop working. I check the Console, which says

IOUSBPipe:ClosePipe for address, ep 1 had a retain count > 1. Leaking a pipe
IOUSBPipe:ClosePipe for address, ep 2 had a retain count > 1. Leaking a pipe

I am convinced that this is due to the overclock being unstable. The problem goes away when I'm running at 190 or 191. I also noticed that USB mouse and ethernet adapter aren't flaky at all, but my USB headset does develop crackling noises after a short while (under 10 min).

It's heating up my room!

Yep, sadly this rig is overpowering the air conditioner in my residence. I can feel it spewing hot air out the back. :(

[1] Duck test, but for CPUs: If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

10 July 2012

A Very Tasty Salad

I've been going to this deli called Hale and Hearty and concocted quite possibly the most delicious salad. I get it every single time I go in an attempt to redeem a free 10th salad (you know this marketing technique). Here goes:

Serving size: 1 bowl
Prep time: 5 minutes

  • 6-8oz spinach
  • 2oz Mozzarella cheese
  • 1/4 large tomato
  • 1/2 Hass avocado
  • 1/4 red onion
  • ~30 Chickpeas
Mix together in a bowl, chop in the bowl, and voilĂ !

06 July 2012

RIP Dell Streak

It's too bad that the device couldn't survive a three foot drop. I feel conflicted at the moment: on one hand, I feel bad that I essentially wasted $500 (phone + docking kit), but on the other hand, I couldn't care less about this monster that I never loved since day one. Besides its pitiful build quality, it had its share of software problems too, such as clock randomly going 15 minutes ahead or sudden rebooting syndrome (StreakDroid Gingerbread).

04 July 2012

Independence Day

Greetings from the tristate area!

Happy Independence Day, everyone!


I used to think that a millionaire was a person who had a salary greater or equal to $1mm/year. Strange that I knew the other words (billionaire) meant people whose net worth was that amount.