18 October 2018

Life is short

My YOLO of the year becomes a little more validated with every passing.

"One ought to enjoy life, really." from things traders say


02 October 2018

An Observation of People's Behaviours

Found in a thread on a car forum. From an acquaintance, who manages a team of 5,000 at a premier technology company:
If I may make an observation -- as someone who manages a team of ~5,000 people in my day job, and thus has the opportunity to see a few patterns of behavior -- you are indicating that you are upset by how some people who aren't you behave towards other people who also aren't you. To be happy in those circumstances will require that everyone behaves the way you wish they would behave, all the time, any time you have or will have the opportunity to observe their behavior. If you can figure out why that's the case -- why it's so important to your happiness that other people behave the way you want them to -- well, the folks I've seen who figure that out are really glad they did afterward.