16 May 2013


It's like overclocking but better: every chip [human] has a different limit! Also makes for a great stress reliever.

I'm also seriously considering joining MIT's powerlifting team, because according to stats on MIT's powerlifting team (I dream of steel), I'm pretty close to benching competitively (but seriously need to work on squatting and deadlifting), I've never joined a legitimate sports team (math team doesn't count), and…#yolo.

In somewhat related news, I started using Fitocracy to track my progress! It's a cute webapp that I've been trying to replicate for the past ~half year or so, but never got around to implementing it.

08 May 2013

Climbing up the ladder

Near the end of my freshman summer, when I was still a cute and impressionable froshling, a wise man told me a story:

You get into something, say cars. You make friends who are also into cars. You start out with something small, like a [BMW] 3-series, then go to a [Porsche] 911, then a [Lamborghini] Gallardo, and so on. Then the friends get into something else, say watches. Again, you start with something small, say a Rolex, then move up to a Seiko, and so on, and while doing so, you meet a bunch of people who are into watches who happen to be into planes. Then from watches you move to planes, beach houses, and yachts, and so on. But at the end of the day, if things were to be taken away from me, I'd keep films, books, and music. Especially the books and music. --GJF

02 May 2013

The Birth of Homemade Electrostatic Headphones

Starring Tyler Christensen and MIT's Electronics Research Society!

These photographs were taken for my HASS class, 21W.749 Documentary Photography and Photojournalism.