15 April 2010

Spring Break

  • Did a physics mech multiple choice practice
  • Looked at CUDA parallel reduction some more
  • Apple refreshed MacBook Pros!
  • Set up WebDAV, so now I have access to all my data wherever there is internets :D
  • Set up symlinks so all my data could be accessed from DAV share
  • Helped Pavel pick the right netbook (an HP Mini 210 HD) - his current computer is a 7-year old Dell ultraportable with only ~4GB devoted to Linux (the rest of the 20GB HD is his parents' windows installation), so yeah...
  • Reworked y0u.dontexist.com - put in an updating AAPL ticker :D among other things
  • Fixed minesweeper (aka LOLsweeper) - there was a huge bug in the mine generator
  • Wrote a php widget to scrape Apple rumors
  • Went back to NJ
    • During the trip, I was looking at cars (like I always do) and I saw a portion of a Lexus LS 460 from the rear 3/4 view. It turns out to be the long wheelbase variant, and when I got a closer look at it, I noticed that it had the 18" wheels instead of the 19" ones (they're different styles; I'm not that crazy :P). I also realized that one can only get the 18" wheels if the car comes with the 4-seater package (the one with the rear seat massagers and the right hand side recliner with footrest). I have no idea how I notice these things; maybe it's from all those hours playing sudoku and analyzing Apple design? xD
  • Installed XMonad and started learning the key bindings!

  • Played around with XMonad and tried to get a hybrid solution with Gnome setup because I'm too lazy to launch everything from the command line. Unfortunately that was pretty unstable. I reverted to a pure XMonad solution, but that was still terrible. Now I'm thinking of wiping and installing Arch (Gentoo is too much work =P) because I think something in Ubuntu is causing it to fail.
  • Thought about Trisweeper (our triangular minesweeper game for iPhone OS) a bit
  • Tried to hackintosh my Intel Atom (D945GCLF2D), but that just utterly failed. I couldn't even burn a working boot-132 disk :(
  • Played some games and a tournament on BBO! Sam and I got 8th out of 164 pairs :D

All days
  • IM
  • Lots of sudoku - So I played 27 hard games on my MacBook Pro for the first three days, and my average time is ~6m10 while my fastest time was 4m00! I am getting good at this :D
  • Browsed MacRumors forums
  • Watched Big Bang

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