29 April 2011

New York Auto Show!

tl;dr because designing 32-bit carry select adders are fun.
  • Fiats are cute and inexpensive. I'll probably get one if people don't start saying ``Fix It Again, Tony'' any time soon.
  • The NuLuxe leatherette in the Lexus CT200h was unimpressive. I want my leather!
  • Bugatti Veyron looks stunning in person. It's hard to imagine seeing a beautiful and physics (and common sense)-defying piece of art in person. Be sure to watch its documentary (produced by National Geographic)!
  • Electric cars are unimpressive. Sure, they're fun to build, but driving them is another story. I would not sacrifice luxury for supposed greenery any day soon (I would gladly take the electric Rolls, though).
All 350+ photos up at the photo gallery (does not work in Chrome, apparently).

I really want a car now :(. I haven't driven in quite a while; hopefully I finish my electric scooter before I leave for Apple so I can build my electric car next year! (of course it will have leather =P)

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