18 June 2011

Adventures at Apple [Part I]

It's amazing how much more you'll experience by getting to know some people.

``Oh, baby!'' is right!

Yup, I got a ride in this monster to a coffee shop! After discovering that I was a car geek at heart, her owner invited me for a spin. I was blown away by its raw speed and prowess on the road; it was pinned to the road at all times (much unlike the rental Prius my family had for vacation did). The engine roar was harmonious; the echo is amazing if revved under a bridge or inside a garage. (protip: this will set off car alarms!) Above all, it was equipped with a stick, for a truly engaging driving experience.

The twothree-hundred large one pays not only acquires a spectacular handcrafted driving machine (hey, this ain't a Bimmer!) but also a richly upholstered cabin. The leather-wrapped dash is met with tasteful carbon fiber trim in the center stack and an Alcantara swathed headliner. Extra bolstered seats sitting low on the floor in the style of a sports car supported the driver and passenger in tight turns. All in all I was amazed by the dynamics that a car could have (this statement speaks volumes of what sorts of cars I am used to riding and driving).

[EDIT] Ha, two hundred large for this baby? Add a few options and it easily becomes $300k!


  1. I'd sell my soul to drive that car, but I'm afraid it might not be worth enough.

  2. It's just a Gallardo -- I'd say $300k at max. The Murc (or Aventador), on the other hand, …

  3. Yeah...no way my soul is worth that much.