30 March 2012

[NT] 30" of Awesomeness

It looks way more intimidating in person.

Sitting on my desk is a 30" Dell Ultrasharp 3007WFP-HC I recently acquired from eBay. This massive beast has a metal base (compared to the plastic ones on the smaller displays) as well as capacitative buttons for brightness (the only configurable option on this display, similar to the 30" Cinema display).

Unfortunately, I haven't gotten many opportunities to set the SR-2 up, so it's powered by my single processor Hackintosh, which, by the way, is on sale! Leave a comment if interested.


  1.  I have already found a buyer for the single processor hackintosh. I will let you know if that deal falls through.

  2. Hello, I know I am responding to you post a tad late (well really late) but do you still have your hackintosh for sale is so how much? By the way I just came across your blog and have been just going through it for the past 2 days...you can reach me @ alessandro.vieri@hotmail.com