03 June 2012

Start of Something New

I've always wanted a go-kart since sixth or seventh grade. Fortunately, after years of hard work and meeting the right people (hi Charles and Shane!), I have the skills and support to build one of these. The target goals are as follows:
  • Weigh less than 25kg
  • Top speed of >30mph
It's going to be an AWD hybrid. The rear wheel will be driven by a Honda GX35 and the front wheels will be driven by two custom hubmotors and controlled by a custom motor controller.

This build will be largely based off the Democratic People's Republic of Chibikart and its older brother Chibikart, whose comprehensive build instructions are here. It will be an exercise of implementing a small asymmetric hybrid (similar to the Lexus RX hybrid with AWD).

And yes, the title is a High School Musical reference.

1 comment:

  1.  This is one ingenious hybrid razor go kart! You know what you can do, try to organize an event with a legit racing group so you can introduce that prototype and give the conventional ones a run for their money! Total!