01 June 2013

Third time's a charm

Welp, I'm here on the east coast again, trapped in the heat and humidity. It's not all bad though; for the most part of the week, I get fed to watch money being printed. Unfortunately, that's only a good 50 hours a week, at best. What do I do with the rest?

Definitely planning on finishing my scooter and go kart -- I think I learned a fair bit about chassis prototyping to get my scooter chassis right on the first try. I guess I'll have to bear walking in 32ÂșC weather.

Powerlifting? Seeing as I'm walled around 100/120/135 (bench/squat/deadlift), and without a bench spotter, I doubt I can catch up to vchiu, the star female powerlifter at MIT (she's currently at 110/209/286). All figures in lb.

Learn how to drive a manual? There are no rental agencies that stock manuals! How unfortunate. I'll buy a beater from craigslist after I graduate this December and practice on that for a good half year.

As my consolation prize for not having a stick shift for the summer, I figured a good use of weekends is to sample as many cars as I can before the semester starts. Since there are 11 weekends during which I am employed, 9 of which I'll be free, I figured that I can sample a vehicle a weekend. In particular, here's the plan:
  • Porsche Boxster (981) -- 1 Jun
  • Porsche 911 Carrera (991) -- 8 Jun
  • BMW M3 -- 15 Jun
  • Audi S4 -- 22 Jun
  • Mercedes-Benz SLK 350 -- 13 Jul
  • Lotus Elise -- 20 Jul
  • BMW Z4 -- 27 Jul
  • Chevrolet Corvette -- 3 Aug
  • ??? -- 10 Aug (might ditch this one)
I'm seriously considering a Boxster or 911, not so much the rest. I'm going for as much sportiness without sacrificing too much luxury -- I want my wood trim :P

This summer just got so much better.

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