20 July 2013

A Summer of Cars, Part II

Last time, I said I would test drive the Mercedes-Benz SLK and the Lotus Elise. However, neither dealer has a testable car, so I doubt I'm testing either this summer.

Think that's all? Would you like to hear about some Aston Martins?

I thought so.

Today, I went to the joint Aston Martin and Lotus dealer in hopes of testing a Lotus Elise. I thought the dealer was closed when we got there, since it looked quite dim, but I noticed a salesman sitting at his desk. I walk in and head toward the Elise, parked amid several Vantages, Vanquishes, DB-9s, two Evoras, and a couple of classics.

Mercedes 190SL Roadster.

I got to get intimate with the cars. There was an immense amount of detail in the car not captured by marketing materials; I present several below. Getting up close with the cars convinced me to put Aston Martin back on my shortlist.
Glass buttons amid piano black and satin metal trim.

Door sill insignia.

A client picks up his car; fitting for a doctor. Note that the door tilts up when opened, and that the tail light fins have a similar pattern as the Aston Martin emblem wings.

Lotus Evora interior. Surfaces are either leather wrapped or covered with aluminum.

Aston Martin custom interior. Note the matte wood on the center stack. Apologies for the iPhone 5 sapphire flare.

Attractive glass needles on dials. Apologies for the iPhone 5 sapphire flare.

Extruded + on column-fixed paddle shifter.

A tasteful combination of matte burled wood, satin metal, and leather.

Illuminated keyhole.

One more thing…

Orgasmic, isn't it?

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