11 March 2014

Cryptocurrency Mining

This post is a walk down memory lane of the past two months of mining.

Smashing 4 GPUs together doesn't work well at all without hardcore ducting. Turns out that this setup actually mines slower than 3 GPUs and a fan on top.
It turns out that the limiting factor is power density. I wasn't going to buy faster GPUs because of a poorer hashrate per dollar, so I needed to get more PCIe slots. I bought some dumb nodes to get my other pile of GPUs up, but after this fan cutting my hand (and losing a blade in the process), I resigned.
Pile of unused GPUs. These sat unused for the duration of mining.

My two former miners:

tl;dr Making money is hard.


  1. i did all of this and i have confirmed all of the connections several times. the power light comes on and flickers when i touch it. my Macbook Pro detects the display and i can adjust the refresh rate and color settings of the display in system preferences. It recognizes the display as simply "Display". The display itself remains completely black. I can drag windows between the displays because my Macbook Pro recognizes it, but It still remains black. What could be wrong?

  2. I all!… I have the same issue, but my Macbook Pro shows me the name of the display as "Apple Studio Display".
    Great hack, I hope it works for me…

    Thanks a lot!!

  3. Hi all again! I got the ASD working with my MacBook pro and the Hama 53248 (mini display to DVI). So, Teddy I guess it's a connections issue. Indeed I have yet not solved at all: I got image, but without blues :(

  4. Juan Luis MartínezSeptember 5, 2014 at 7:16 AM

    Hi again!! (last time, I hope)

    It works!!! sorry for the pesky questions, it was all connetion failure. Teddy: check and triple check the wiring… It works!!

    Thanks cherry su