05 December 2019

Codeforces Round #604 (Div. 2) Postmortem

Link to contest.

What a dumpster fire of a contest.

What went well
  • I got B quickly.
What went wrong
  • I didn't know how to solve A, so came up with a horribly convoluted solution with lots of cases. This and weak testing resulted in an incorrect submission, but I realized my mistake after the Wrong Answer verdict and patched my solution.
  • C was evil because it had ample opportunity for off-by-one errors, one of which killed my solution.
  • My attempt at implementing D yielded a giant pile of spaghetti, which was unsurprisingly wrong.
  • E is definitely doable in 20min start to finish, but my combinatorics skills isn't strong enough for me to write down the recurrence after reading the problem.
Where I got lucky
  • What luck?!

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