25 November 2009

End of School/Picture Dump :O

Today was indeedly the last day of trimester, and school, to an extent. It's also the end to Classical French Cuisine, which I'm going to miss dearly. Anyway, to preserve those moments of pure win and epic fail, I took pictures! (seems so OOC for me XD) Without further ado, here they are:

Left 4 Dead in Data Structures

What's wrong?

Our Sun Fire! with dual 750GB goodness!

Sun Fire internals. It's a single proc AMD with 4x512MB RAM

Looking at our motherboard for a science fair in Data Structures. o_O

ZOMG our circuit board etcher that no one knows how to use (except for George Hotz, ofc) XDD

Assembly-lining the BCA Math Competition 5th Grade grading room. It went fast, but they didn’t catch the boo-boo in the answer key. =[

My awesomely awesome answer key that sped everything up by a factor of 2 :D

The crapload of butter left over from the math competition. Anyone want one? =]

Unnecessarily short ethernet cable amid our ghetto LAN setup for Hadoop XD

Julia's vomiting pumpkin

The Fall Play, in which Mark-sempai performed!

Unnecessary celebration of Duke victory that covered our lockers.

LED sign fail (part 1). The people put it up after we won Duke. Well not me, but Mu A. Apparently the people felt like spoiling our victory, so they inserted a boo-boo…

LED sign fail (part 2)

Watching Pokémon during internship lunch break :D

Internship setup. Note the unnecessarily large object on the table. Some dumbass sat on my colleague's laptop, which cracked the screen, so he has to use an external screen XD

They give me a screen, I use it! XD It's a Dell Ultrasharp 2009WFP, btw. (the one that uses the sucky TN panel D:)

Same thing in the engineering room. This time I'm using a dual screen setup connected to a Dell Ultrasharp 2209WFP (another sucky TN panel monitor D:)

The computers in the engineering room. Each has a 2GHz QC Xeon, 4GB RAM, and 160GB HDD

Cupcake man in the school parking lot? WTF?! o_O

Typical day in physics. Yes, Kamran is riding on top of Fahmid.

Today, I was more or less done with the assignment at internship, so I downloaded and dd'd (UNIX clone tool) Chrome OS onto my 4GB flash drive. The dd took so long that I was able to walk across the school with my laptop open and sit down for another 15 min. Then, when my friend let me boot it, we discovered that we needed a working internet connection to log in. And we couldn't get that unless we got a web browser. School internet FTL D:

While I was in the parking lot searching for my bus, I saw a car with a weird sticker on the lower right  of the windshield. Upon closer inspection, it turns out that the stick was a ``failed inspection'' sticker. And this was my first time seeing one XD

And this concludes first trimester. I'll upload the pictures of the food later. Stay tuned =]


  1. Yup, you sure do win those competitionboys :P

  2. lol wtf why did you have butter at bca math comp?xD

  3. Hehe, even with your mass picture spam and my widened blog, my PUMaC post is longer than this :P