14 November 2009

Math Prize

For now, I just have the questions uploaded. Maybe I'll actually blog about it when I'm not busy.

Some stats:

HM I: 9 points
HM II: 10 points
8th - 12th ($600): 11 points
5th - 7th ($1000): 12 points <-- me
2nd - 4th ($6000): 13 points
1st ($20000 -- 10 MacBook Airs!!!! [see end of post]): 14 points

EDIT 1: yay trophy ^_^ daamn the text on the bottom is not clear at all =[ it weigh more than my computer O_O (aka more than 5.25lbs)

EDIT 2: giant check that i can't use


Tiebreak problems:

Problem 1:

Problem 2:

10 MacBook Airs: Because I knew that there would be massive death at the competition (especially since the china girls math olympians are going), as a joke I said that if I got first, I would buy TEN MacBook Airs (at the newly-opened Broadway Apple store :D) with the money. Of course it didn't happen, but I was indeedly surprised that I got 6th.

Anyway, here is what 10 MacBook Airs looks like:


  1. Hmm a lot of these problems look pretty silly. Problems 15, 17, 18, and 20 look actually decent. The rest are just wtfish (to be read what the fish).

    Also that totally looks like fifth place should have a 14 or something. 12 seems slightly low. Oh well. Congratulations anyway :)

    Tell me what you do with the 1k :D

  2. DAMMIT I MISREAD NUMBER 3 (number 4 on yoru thing)