06 September 2010

Bloody Hell!

AN: If you are any bit allergic to the sight and/or description of blood, I suggest you do not read the following.

I was surprised to find out that a philips head screw was stuck in the bottom of my left shoe and punctured the surface on which my foot rests.

Oh my!

So how did I find out?

Bloody hell!

I casually jumped off the third to last step in my stairwell and felt something puncture my left heel. When I took my foot out, blood dripped everywhere on the platform as I thought, `Ohhhhhhhh dear...' When I inspected the interior of the shoe, I noticed a sharp point poking out of the sole. Thinking that it was a piece of mulch or a small stone, I tried to extract it. It didn't budge. I reversed the shoe and saw that a philips head screw was more or less screwed (or hammered) into my shoe. I probably stepped into it when I helped disassemble the roller coaster and other wooden structures in the EC courtyard right before the hurricane came. I limped up two flights of stairs into my dorm and wiped, neosporined, and bandaged my foot. I tried to clean out the shoe to no avail. After I gave the wound proper medical attention, I went to the aforementioned platform in the stairwell and cleaned up the blood (because I am a good citizen). I guess I won't be leaving my room (or dorm) today...

The culprit. Approx 2" long.

No, I am not British.

UPDATE: I went to MITmed and the doctors said that the wound was not bad. They cleaned it with alcohol and gave me a tetanus shot just in case. The doctor said that I should definitely not take the swim test tomorrow. He also said to come back on Friday to get the progress of the wound checked.

Quotes (because people say funny things when one gets injured):

``I think you need new shoes'' -- the doctor at MITmed
``Only at EC'' -- V. Enjamio
``Well luckily you still can play bridge'' -- S. Fingeret
``the blood stain looks more to me like a sad clown. wait no angry clown.'' -- A. Zhu


  1. The screw is sitting on my desk at the moment.

  2. oh dear good thing you got a tetanus shot!

  3. i don't get the british comment >>;

  4. all british people chronically say `bloody hell!'

  5. you know
    that blood stain kinda looks like the surface of a carrot after it has been cut along its cross section

  6. lol that is true. thanks for noticing!

  7. the blood stain looks more to me like a sad clown. wait no angry clown.

  8. darn my comment wasn't funny enough? :(