21 September 2010

Message from (GNU) God

Because I have a CSAIL account (courtesy of 6.172), I now receive ~10 more emails a day, on top of ~50 from my regular MIT account (if you want to contribute, that would be shewu-at-csail). On one thread, someone was asking for help to get matlab/gui tunneling over ssh.

Here was the original inquiry:

May I know that if there's any way to remote access to athena with GNOME? I could set up the graphics xterm connection (using X-Win32), but there's no gdm installed and startx does not work

My purpose is to use the matlab on the athena server for homework... My computer is a 64bit windows and does not support matlab...

Since this is the CSAIL mailing list, several people gave helpful responses and solved the problem within a day. However, this morning, when I checked my email, I saw a response from the GNU God, Richard Stallman:

I am obliged to remind people that Matlab is a proprietary program. It doesn't respect the freedom of those who use it.

There is a free replacement named Octave which does the same job. It does not have the same range of high-level packages, so your help is needed in extending them.


I wonder why Stallman did not critique OP's use of Windows.

I do realize that posting even famous people's emails is rude, but dude, this is the GNU God!

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