30 October 2010


Yesterday night, Bayley and I decided to head to MIT electronics research society, or MITERS, after hanging out watching people play League of Legends at Random and eating a hearty dinner consisting of tiny McDonalds' burgers. I figured this would be a good time to learn how to solder and hack the 17" Apple Studio Display (flat panel) with an Apple Display Connector (ADC) that Bayley gave to me, so I carried that along. The lab/warehouse was located a good minute's walk from Random, but walking with a rather large monitor tucked under my arm was rather troublesome. Once we got there, I found an empty lab bench and introduced myself to the MITERSers (should it be just MITers?), while Bayley got down to work with his laser. The hack, which I will elaborate in a future post, that I wanted to do was to convert the ADC plug (male) to a DVI plug (male). Sure, I could buy the breakout box from Apple for $99, but a ghetto setup for $0 would be much more awesome. It took about five hours to complete, from stripping the cables to testing the unit.

 Teaser image: My first real electronics project works!

Having nothing else to do, I hung around the lab and watched other MITERSers work on their projects and beta-test the 4-ft tall Tesla coil in the parking lot (this was at 3am today). The coil was particularly interesting in that it played loud, off tune music and had the peculiar ability of attracting drunk young adult females.

Bayley and I finally left around 4am, satisfied that our respective projects were successes.

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