19 October 2010

Oh Hey Seagate Answered!

Thank you for sending your Seagate E-mail inquiry.

I understand you purchased Seagate internal drive  ST3400832AS, at swap meet when I entered the serial number 4NF068V3 it is 400 gb drive.  I also noticed it is OEM drive we do not support OEM drives.  However  the  drive may be clipped to a lower capacity, so we need to use a tool to set it to the full capacity.

Please download Seatools for DOS from this page:


It will create a bootable diskette or a bootable CD as you choose.

Choose 'C' to Set Capacity.  That should get the drive back to the correct capacity.

If that fails, please then choose 'Z' to zero-fill (quick) the drive and then click Done.

**WARNING** This will erase all data on this drive.
Then go back and try the Set Capacity once more.

Hmm, interesting. So the response indicates that either (a) the swapfest seller ran the drives and disabled 80GB or (b) Seagate ran the drives and disabled 80GB.

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