19 January 2020

Codeforces Round #614 (Div. 2) Postmortem

What went well
  • A was a fast 3-minute problem.
  • B was easy and I solved it decently quickly in 9 minutes.
What went wrong
  • C took way too long to code, mainly because I didn't have a good representation on blocking either diagonal path. Turns out that if cell (r, c) is blocked, then I just needed to check (1-r, c-1), (1-r, c), and (1-r, c+1). Furthermore, if I used a 2x(N+2) grid instead of 2xN grid, then I wouldn't have to do any bounds checking because the (*, -1) and (*, N) cells could never be set.
Where I got lucky
  •  I didn't do so terribly so as to get demoted to green.

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