30 January 2020

Educational Codeforces Round 81 Postmortem

What went well
  • If I had actually solved 4 problems, I would have gained over 100 elo…
  • I solved D, which was a number theory problem. (Nick missed this problem; muahahaha)
What went wrong
  • My impure thoughts on problem B died on system test #11. Since I passed all 10 pretests, I didn't think to revisit my solution and verify with fast-slow testing.
  • I took a long time to recognize the totient function. My first reaction was "some inclusion-exclusion counting" upon realizing a pattern from my scratch work. Then I needed two tries to code a fast (sqrt N) totient function.
 Where I got lucky
  • Everyone else died on B. Turns out it is rated 1800.

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