06 September 2009

2009-2010 Math Team

A new year has arrived, which means new members and new management for the math team! Wheeeeee :) This year, my colleague Mark Velednitsky and I are the captains (as a true Naruto fan, I'd rather be known as Hokage). (Would we be co-captains because there are two of us?) Originally, I thought Mark would be the captain and I would only be co-captain. However, while Mr. Holbrook was acquainting a parent with the math team, he mentioned that "this girl" was the captain of the math team (I had just walked in to print something from the computer). I was more or less ecstatic that I got an unexpected promotion ^_^ Now I get to be called Hokage-sama :D

Anyway. Yesterday (5 Sept 2009) was our first math team practice. I got there at 11:30, later than usual, because I wanted Boston Market. (after eating that for four-ish weeks straight, you would think I would get tired of spinach, corn, and potatoes, right?) I walk in, see who's here and who's not, and talk to Mr. Holbrook. Unsurprisingly, I was the first Mu A-er to get there. As usual, I check Holbrook's email and competition registration sites. Then I sat down in a chair-desk in the hallway and ate my lunch until the Mu A-ers arrived.

Sam arrived a little after twelve. Then Mark, Mike, and Alex trickled in and we worked on the BCA Math Competition stuff. Since this is supposed to be an utmost confidential project, but several people decided to be annoying and barge in -_-" Because I'm lenient, I let them stay if they did not make any noise or attempt to foil my competition. We actually got a lot done: Mike and Sam organized the solutions database; I kept writing problems; Alex wrote more solutions.

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