16 September 2009

ZOMG New Internship

So I got an internship in August for some compsci/math research at the City College of NY, but several things just didn't work out. In short, both my mentors decided to leave, causing their math/compsci department do dissolve. wtf. One of them was leaving for Google and the other just "suddenly retired for personal reasons," according to Mr. Jaye, the BCA principal and close friend with my mentors. He said that there was an opportunity available for programming for Columbia Law School. So I thought, this is kinda random…law and computers?! wtf?! w/e, sounds interesting; i'll do it. I sent emails to the person in charge of this and blah happened and I'm in!

Conveniently, I'm working in the school under the supervision of Dr. Nevard (my math/cs teacher) in his room. There are four telecom(mies) working with me and Mark sometimes chills out with us too, since Holbrook often leaves early on Wednesdays. Anyway, each of us is working on a different segment of the AltLaw search engine (src). I'm doing stuff with Hadoop, a framework for distributed computing. I don't know what I'm gonna do with it since I just got involved with this thing, but hopefully it will be interesting and beneficial for later experiences.

Anyway I have a meeting with everyone and the guy from Columbia tomorrow. Hopefully that'll be interesting/productive.

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