05 September 2009

First Week of School

Initially, when the 2009-2010 school calendar came out, I was disappointed that BCA was starting before Labor Day. However, it actually is a good thing because it was about time that summer ended (a.k.a. I was getting bored of staying at home every day). September rolled around, I finished my summer reading, and bam! September 2 was here. I rolled out of bed at 06:45, ate breakfast, and boarded the bus at 07:10. Then I got to school, talked with friends, and went to Holbrook's room, where I made locker assignments and distributed schedules. After homeroom, we went to classes, and boarded the busses for departure.

Some initial thoughts on classes:

AP Stats: borrrrring, so I tried to enliven the class the first day.
Teacher: So why did you choose AP Stats?
Me: Because I needed a math class…
(If you don't know, I dropped Topics in Advanced Math because I wanted to take AP Micro)

AP Micro: interesting class, not many friends in it though =[

Data Structures: Nevard is actually teaching! (a change from not teaching lol) He taught us some C++ on the first day and vector (datum structure) the day after. To my surprise, some people brought up Google Code Jam. I pretended not to know anything, but then I stupidly clarified something about the competition, so I don't know if they know that I know about it. Wow that was an awkward sentence >_>

World Lit II: Weems is interesting. He definitely has a good sense of humor and is a good explainer. However, I'm not so sure if I can easily get an A for first trimester.

French V: It's turning out like French IV. In other words, Dr. Mayers has already assigned us a multimedia project. Since anything multimedia requires computers, his class is essentially computer time :D hooray fanfiction time!!

PE: What can I say? It's just a time to watch other people fail…

Engineering: I actually want this class to be meaningful. By that I mean I want to build something that I'll like and use. My goal is to build a remote-controlled robot :D

Physics C: OMG THIS CLASS IS FREAKINGLY AWESOME. The teacher is a physics god. He's funny and knows a lot. However he yells at people for being late. He scolded me for walking through the door 15 seconds after class started D: He has a fairer method of choosing volunteers than other teachers: to select people, he rolls a 30-sided die. I, with my excellent luck, was the first victim in my class. -.-;; The good thing was that I got to choose the next victim mwahahahaha >:D

Computer Science Team: LOL my elective XDD So far we've done some practice with compsci topics, such as recursion and dynamic programming. I've discussed competition possibilities with Mr. Tyndall and Dr. Nevard. Hopefully we can go to more competitions this year (and win more plaques)!!


  1. lol are you REQUIRED to have a math class? o.O
    and lol tj has "advanced math topics"

    competitions? google code jam? o.O

    PE: What can I say? It's just a time to watch other people fail…
    you mean watch yourself fail? :D

    choose next victim as in roll die or pick on someone?

    and wut?! cs team is...an..ELECTIVE?

    also goddamn
    i wanted that plaque

  2. everyone is required to have 4 years of math D: it kinda sucks if you hate real math
    i can't fail in pe cuz i don't do anything :P
    yeah, i is the founder (and ofc captain) of cs team :D
    i think you're supposed to get a copy of mathematica from arml too